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    Product description Daiwa Prorex V LT 2018

    The Prorex range now has an even more accessible LT reel to its name. This model comes with all the advantages of the LT concept: light yet tough. The handle screws directly into the body to turn a Tough Digigear drive gear, giving this reel - a mere 210g at 2500 - incredible cranking power. The range is perfect for hunting medium-sized predators but remains capable of handling a monster, in line with the Prorex slogan "Seek Your Monster". The 10 to 12kg ATD drag is a testament to the power of this series. The Prorex V LT is ideal for breaking into the predator fishing world with a piece of high quality gear.


    - ATD drag technology, full size drag button
    - Bearings: 6 + 1
    - DS5 carbon body and polycarbonate rotor
    - Aluminium Air Spool
    - CrossWrap line lay
    - Ultralight one-piece unscrewable Air Handle in aluminium
    - Soft Coat "I" Handle (2500) or "T" (3000 and round EVA on the 4000)


    - Weight: 210 g 


    - The ATD boasts discs which have been impregnated with a specialist grease to optimise energy yield. This exceptionally high-quality product gives more grinding power at the start and offers a more stable and progressive drag. The risk of breaking off on the fight is kept to a minimum as the ATD adjusts to every phase of the fight: working faster and more progressively on the first run but offering a firmer hold for cranking power in the middle phase. It’s this adaptive feature that gives it its Automatic name.

    Air Rotor:
    - The Air Rotor stands out for its balance, toughness and sensitivity.
    - The arched profile and 15% weight reduction compared to standard rotors offers optimal winding smoothness and eliminates vibration thanks to the lowered centre of gravity.

    - DS5

    - Tough Digigear

    Cross Wrap:
    - This technology cross wraps the line around the spool for optimised offloading on the cast. This is absolutely key to preventing tangles and linespin.

    Infinite Anti Reverse:
    - The new Infinite Anti Reverse system is activated with 4 times less force than a classic system.
    - Less than 2g is needed to engage the Real Stopper system which eliminates any handle movement, bringing sensitivity to the next level.

    Silent Oscillation:
    - The perfect tuning of the contact points between helicoid and straight teeth create an energy yield close to 99% and silent rotation. Daiwa gear trains offer superior winding smoothness.

    Air Bail:
    - The hollow Touch Air Bail is made from SUS303 steel and is 20% tougher than a solid titanium bail of the same weight, and with a lifespan 13 x longer.

    Twist Buster II:
    - The TB2 pickup roller has been developed by Daiwa and precision tooled to guarantee optimal line lay.

    ABS II:
    - In contrast to classic cylindrical spool designs, ABS spools are tapered to limit the risks of tangling on the cast. What’s more, the lip reduces friction to boost casting distance.
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    With Daiwa Prorex V LT 2018 you can enjoy your activities without complications. If you like the brand Daiwa and their nautical & fishing products, visit the categories of the nautical & fishing products that you are looking for and place your order as soon as possible and receive it in a few days. Our aim at waveinn is to make high-quality products accessible to all with an efficient worldwide delivery service.

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